Goof Channel: Faldo’s turn to drop the ball

These are busy days in the public-apology department at Gaffe, uh, Golf Channel. First Dottie Pepper choked the dogs, then Kelly Tilghman lynched Tiger Woods. Now Nick Faldo has nuked Nike.

On the air on Sunday, Faldo referred to the test results in Golf Magazine‘s February cover story “Revealed: The Best Ball For You!” that showed that under launch conditions meant to replicate the swing of the average hacker (90-mph swing speed, 13.75-degree launch angle, 2,900 rpm) the TaylorMade TP Black produced 259.1 yards of carry and roll compared with 239.1 yards for the Nike One Platinum. Faldo said the Nike ball “fell out of the sky.” Not exactly.

On Monday, Golf Channel apologized because Faldo had failed to mention that the Golf study not only includes evidence that the One Platinum performs better as swing speeds increase but also that Nike had asserted in the magazine that its ball is designed for Tiger, who swings at a blazing 125-plus mph.

Equally egregious, Faldo neglected to disclose that last Thursday he had signed an endorsement deal with TaylorMade. Woods, apparently content to let Sunday’s results speak for themselves, has yet to weigh in.

• When Andy Pettitte told the
House Committee on Oversight
and Government Reform that he
received HGH from his father,
Tom, who had obtained it from
a trainer at 1 on 1 Elite Personal
Fitness in Pasadena, Texas, a lot
of interested parties visited the
gym’s website.

There they found
pictures of gym owner Kelly Blair
with about a dozen pro athletes
who worked out at the facility.
(The photos have since been removed.)

Among them was Mike
Standly, 43, who played on the
PGA and Nationwide tours from
1986 to 2007, winning the 1993
Freeport-McMoRan Classic
(now the Zurich Classic of New
Orleans). The obvious question:
Did Standly, while working out
at a gym alleged to be a hotbed
of performance-enhancing drug
activity, give in to temptation?

says Standly, who only recently
got back into the game after taking
two years off. Standly reports that
he hasn’t worked out at 1 on 1 in
four years and never saw or took
performance enhancers. “I always
stayed away from that stuff,” he
says. “I didn’t
see it helping me.”

• At the Mayakoba Golf
Classic in Cancun, Mexico,
Brian Gay rang up his first W
(16 under, 264) after 293 Tour

That record had put him
12th on the list of players with
the most starts who have never
won, an inglorious distinction
that overshadowed almost
$7.5 million in career earnings.

No doubt Gay was happy to leave
the ranks of the uncrowned but,
sadly, he remains 62 wins behind

• In only his 16th Tour
start, Nick Flanagan earned his
first career top 10 when a final-round
66 propelled him to a tie
for ninth in Cancun.

• Paula
Creamer birdied four of the last
five holes to win the Fields Open
(16 under, 200) over Jeong Jang.
Looking like the LPGA version of
Mr. Red Shirt himself, Creamer
dressed in pink for the final and
played a pink ball. Faldo did not
comment on it.