GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher Selection Process

GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher Selection Process

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers


Applications are screened against fifteen baseline criteria recommended by the Top 100 Teachers Credentials Committee: 1) Number of years teaching, 2) annual hours instructing on the lesson tee, 3) annual hours engaged in teaching-related activities, 4) letters of recommendation, 5) employment history, 6) reference lists, 7) impact on instruction community, 8) teaching scholarship, 9) teaching awards, 10) student portfolio, 11) student ratings, 12) peer ratings, 13) growth of the game, 14) volunteerism, and 15) student results.

The applications are then examined and ranked by a group comprised of 15 active and former Top 100 Teachers. Final recommendations are then made by a separate Selection Committee, comprised of GOLF Magazine’s instruction editors, established Top 100 Teachers and alumni, and invited World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame members. (Recommendations are based upon an in-depth review of the fifteen baseline criteria with an emphasis on the following: swing knowledge, communications skills, innovative teaching ideas, flexibility in teaching different learning types, proven success, willingness to share knowledge with peers, longevity, success with well-known golfers, industry awards and number of nominations, recommendations and presentations.) The recommendations of the Selection Committee are submitted to GOLF Magazine for the final decision. 

The Top 100 list is the only national golf instructor roster that combines outside academic and PGA professional peer review. In addition, candidates are judged on their willingness to give back to the game and to the PGA and LPGA through one of the following: apprentice education, member continued education, research or lesson programs.

GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher Application

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