The GOLF MAGAZINE Quiz: Michael Campbell

The GOLF MAGAZINE Quiz: Michael Campbell

1. I’m stranded on a desert island. Of the following material items, I would most want to have:
A. Razor and shaving cream
B. Putter and ball
C. Sunscreen and sunglasses
D. CD player and a Britney Spears album

2. My favorite thing about myself is:
A. My intelligence
B. My talent for the game
C. My competitive spirit
D. My wit and sense of humor

3. If I could only play on one course for the rest ofmy life, I’d choose:
A. Pebble Beach
B. St. Andrews
C. Pine Valley
D. Other:

4. If I could have any one talent:
A. Invisibility
B. X-ray vision
C. Ability to fly for short distances
D. Never miss a putt

5. The one thing I want to do before I die:
A. Jump out of a plane
B. Climb Mt. Everest
C. Learn to play guitar
D. Other: See the Seven Wonders of the World
GM: Which have you seen?
MC: None yet. It’s tops on my list.

6. If the following men were hanging from a cliff and I could only save one, it would probably be:
A. Tiger Woods
B. Jack Nicklaus
C. Phil Mickelson
D. Arnold Palmer
MC: Ah! That’s terrible! That’s really a horrible question! Oh, that’s evil! I just can’t answer the question.

7. If I were going to eat the same thing for the rest ofmy life, it would be:
A. Steak and creamed spinach
B. Lobster and mussels
C. Lasagna
D. Other: Japanese

GM: What’s your favorite type of sushi?
MC: Salmon
GM: Ever tried sea urchin?
MC: Ugh, yes. It’s absolutely disgusting. I hate it.

8. I wish I could stop:

9. I’ve never met a New Zealander I didn’t like.
MC: That’ll score some brownie points back home.

10. My idol will always be:
MC: Michael Jordan.

11. My worst habit is:
A. Eating poorly
B. Not working out
C. Swearing
D. Other: [Manager jumps in, says it’s being too nice and never saying no.]
MC: I’d have to agree.

GM: Never saying no to…
MC: Stuff like…
GM: A golf quiz?
MC: Ha! Yeah, stuff like that.

12. My favorite movie is:
MC: Star Wars.

13. If they gave out a trophy for The British Open, I’d have a thousand on my mantle.
GM: But they do give one out… MC: I know.
GM: Okay. So you mean you expect to win a thousand British Opens?
MC: [Smiles]

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