Gary Player Believes the U.S. Will Win the Ryder Cup

September 13, 2016

The American team hasn’t won a Ryder Cup since 2008 and have lost eight of the last 10 contests. Yet Gary Player believes Team USA will break through for a victory against the Europeans at Hazeltine.

In a GOLF interview, Player was asked what team had the advantage entering the biennial event, and there was no hestiation in the response. 

You closely follow the pro game, and the Ryder Cup is coming up. Which team has the edge?

I think America’s going to win. They’ve lost eight times out of 10. And I never understand that, because America’s got the best climate, the most money, the most tournaments, supposedly the best coaches, and yet they keep losing. [But] it’s been good for Europe to win. It’s improved golf around the rest of the world.

What can Team USA do to improve their chances?

Just play better. It’s a mindset. When I played against Jack Nicklaus, I honestly and truly never believed he was going to beat me, never. They’ve got to have a mindset that they can go out and win, and they’ve got to work harder.

Just play better and work harder! Hey, what’s Player doing in 2018? The Yanks could use a captain that’s a good motivator.

The Ryder Cup will be at Hazeltine National in Chaska, Minnesota, on Sept. 30 – Oct. 2.