Feherty's Rants and Raves

Feherty’s Rants and Raves

It was always one of my greatest ambitions to be able to afford to retire from professional golf. Twenty years on tour was enough for me, and thanks to CBS, my dream has come true.

But there are a couple of our crew members who seem to have other ideas these days. Peter Oosterhuis and Gary McCord have recently turned 50 and are girding up their drooping loins in preparation for the Senior PGA Tour. I sincerely hope that I never feel the urge to join them.

You see the Senior Tour is full of cantankerous old farts, many of whom are allergic to criticism from announcer types such as us, so it is a very brave (or very stupid) announcer who flings himself once more into the breach. Just ask Johnny Miller. They were lying in wait, sharpening their dentures just for him, and while Oosty may get off light, as he is a relative newcomer to U.S. airwaves, I think McCord might be in for a rough ride, even though he’s going to walk.

They didn’t like Gary the first time around, when he was a smart-mouth, long-haired weirdo in flared pants so tight you could tell his religion from 50 yards. Twenty-five years ago he was broke, and they laughed at him, so he found a way out. More recently, he’s made a great deal of money by, amongst other things, laughing right back at them, from the safety of the 16th tower.

Now Gary’s back on the golf course with them, and this time I believe, if he can avoid being flattened by a malicious cart driver, he will contend and probably win. He is at least as fit, and a better player than he ever was. Although it would break his heart to lose his beloved “no wins” license plate, I think he’d make that sacrifice, in order to have the last laugh. No matter what his peers may say, the Senior Tour definitely needs Gary McCord.

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