Feherty's Rants and Raves

Feherty’s Rants and Raves

On Sunday, I found myself flicking between channels, fascinated by the display of human nature at the Solheim Cup, and intrigued by what might have happened to Jimmy Johnson’s hair during a downpour at the Miami-Pittsburgh game. Eventually, the ladies won my full attention.

Recently, there hasn’t been much written comparison between men’s and women’s golf, probably because most golf writers are intelligent enough to leave it alone. I, of course, am not that smart, and the Solheim Cup would seem to me to be a pretty good starting point.

Dottie Pepper can be thankful that Laura Davies has such a sweet nature, otherwise she might have found herself inserted sideways under the lip of a bunker on Sunday. Laura is certainly physically cable of doing so. Fortunately, she took out her frustration at Pepper’s ghastly display of gloating on a punching bag in the gym instead.

This is a sport in which some of the ladies have often been accused of not acting in exactly what you would call a ladylike fashion in the past, but I thought we would only ever see these kind of antics in the realm of the men. It’s one thing to get unhappy when you screw up, but entirely different to have a fit of mean-spirited glee when your opponent does. We’ve seen it in the Ryder Cup, and now it would appear we have the female version.

The problem is, as many male players have learned to their cost, it’s all well and good to have that kind of a hideous gloat, but the down the road the inevitable reverse gloat is lying in wait. The LPGA Tour, like its brother, is a lonely place to be at times, and in the aftermath of the Solheim Cup, I didn’t read of anyone jumping to Dottie’s defense. Lucky for her she is such a tough lady, because it’s an uneasy feeling for most, knowing that as you address your tee shot, your fellow competitor is hoping you will hit a Lorena Bobbitt. (A cruel slice.)

Captain Judy Rankin, who is the ultimate classy lady, said that it was not the kind of behavior that she would encourage in any of her players. She was, however, still delighted, as I would be, to have Dottie on her side. I might question her behavior, but I would have no problem with her results.

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