Feherty's Rants and Raves

Feherty’s Rants and Raves

Think about this one without getting dizzy. Next week, they’ll play the Presidents Cup upside down. Everytime a ball falls into a hole, it ends up six inches closer to us in the USA. Cosmic, man.

I think this year’s Presidents Cup will either make or break the event. The first two have had their moments, but in the inevitable comparison with the Ryder Cup, they have been relatively yawn-inspiring. The problem is, everyone likes each other too much. They also play together week in and week out on the U.S. Tour so there really isn’t the element of surprise, the unknown quantity factor, or of course the history that makes the Ryder Cup so special.

What we do have going for us on this occasion though, is the Australian factor. In a faraway land where the golf courses are infested with flocks of parrots and the occasional Kookaburra, (a bird that looks like a cross between a German Shepherd and a seagull) and where a lot of the golf will be played along the ground, the U.S. team faces a stiff challenge. Thank goodness, because what they really need to do, is lose, in order to make this event interesting to the masses. Of course, they’ll be trying to do the exact opposite.

With half the International team being of the Antipodean variety we can expect the Aussie crowd to be partisan, and raucously enhanced by large quantities of the local amber nectar (Australian for beer). Melbourne is renowned for being a sports party town.

It will also be an interesting event for us at CBS to televise. Everyone except Bill MacAtee and Ken Venturi will be on the ground, following the matches at close quarters. Also, we will for the most part be taking our pictures from the local Channel 7, so you can expect to see a lot of Norman, Elkington, Parry, Turner, Nobilo, and Appleby. Of course the whole team consists of darn’ foreigners. It’s just that most of them live in Florida.

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