Feherty's Mailbag

Feherty’s Mailbag

If you’ve ever wanted to send David Feherty a question or comment, here’s your chance! David is putting down his mike to answer your E-mails in his mailbag column for GOLFONLINE.

Click here to send him your best question or comment. (Note: Letters may be edited for clarity and length).

I remember a time when after the pros hit a tee shot, you’d hear somebody yell out, “You da Man”? I guess those days are gone. While watching the U.S. Open on TV this year, I heard the replacement yell for “You da man!” It was a belching “Git-‘R-Done!” I had to admit that it was pretty darned funny. But then again, I thought McCord’s bikini wax comment about Augusta’s greens was funny as well. Do you think “Git-‘R-Done” could somehow be worked into your on course commentary?
— Randy, Pascagoula, Mississippi

Look, I think “Larry the Cable Guy” is funny, but “Git-‘R-Done” is the exclusive territory of NASCAR, hush puppies and frog giggin’. And if you don’t know what that is, you’re not from Mississippi. No, let’s not try to replace “You da Man” with anything, thanks. In fact, let’s not yell it either.

What’s with Rory Sabbatini catching all the flak for the episode at Congressional? I understand it was a breach of traditional etiquette but come on! It’s about time someone finally said this is enough. Slow play is the scourge of the game and the Tour seems disinclined to do anything about it. Ben Crane has often said that he is aware of his problem and needed to work at picking up his pace. If the pace of play on tour picks up even the slightest amount because of this episode, then Rory is a hero.
— Dave White, Burleson TX

I have always admired you insightful comments and humor, especially while broadcasting the PGA. I was wondering what you thought of Rory Sabbatini’s antics during the Booz Allen Classic. While I sure he was frustrated over being put on the clock by Ben Crane, doesn’t the PGA have an ethics code which would require punishment and/or a fine when a golfer blatantly shows such poor sportsmanship?
— Mike Carson, Meridian, MS

There isn’t a player out there who hasn’t had trigger trouble (difficulty in getting comfortable enough to take the club away from the ball) at some time in his career, and Rory’s performance was waaay worthy of the crap that he took. Sergio had the eternal waggle for a while, and even Nicklaus had a period during which he was very slow. They both worked their way out of it, and so will Ben Crane. Acting like an asshole never made anyone quicker.

Of course we could attach electrodes to player’s testicles and shock them if they exceeded the time limit, but I doubt if there would be much support for this one, except from the Marines in GITMO. (Bless their hearts).

Did you enjoy the train wreck that was the last round of the U.S. Open, or as an ex-pro is that kind of golf too painful too watch?
–Dave Hodgson, Vancouver

It was definitely too painful to watch. And excruciating to listen.

Alright, I didn’t win the contest to play at Pinehurst, but I still got a bottle of Oban waiting for you. Let’s get together at a local dog track with a bunch of New York firemen who would love to show you how to get over your pressure issues!
— Bobby K…the hot corner…FDNY

Sorry, partner, I tried to fix it but they wouldn’t let me. And just for the record, I love you guys, but I don’t think I want to resolve my pressure issues with a bunch of guys who run up 85-foot ladders so they can dive through into the window of a building, the interior temperature of which is 2500 degrees. And Oban is a Scotch, and when I did drink it was Irish, but thanks anyway.

Keeping this short and sweet. What is your take on the “Golf for Dummies” DVD starring Gary McCord?
— Steve, Bethlehem, PA

You have to be something of a dummy to play golf, so I think the DVD works for everybody. The only thing wrong with it is that McCord is actually in it.

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