European Tour Warns Players Not to Forget to Yell ‘Fore’

November 6, 2016

The European Tour published a memo chastising players for forgetting to yell “Fore!” to warn spectators about errant tee shots.

The notice was apparently posted at the Turkish Airlines Open. It cited an increased number of complaints and injuries due to wayward balls as evidence that not enough players were warning crowds in the proper manner: 

“Members are reminded that the use of the word ‘fore’ remains the traditional and expected warning/etiquette when there is a danger of hitting someone (see page 26 of the rules of golf) and that regulartion D 1 (b) 2 (page 48 of your handbook) requires you to ‘comply with normally accepted standards of golf etiquette.'” 

The note goes on to remind players that if they don’t comply with the “fore” rule, they will be disciplined. 

Read the entire post below: