British activist launches campaign against Dunlop Sports' novelty nudie tees

British activist launches campaign against Dunlop Sports’ novelty nudie tees

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A British activist has launched a petition on against Dunlop Sport, demanding that the UK-based sporting goods company stop selling novelty golf tee packs featuring tees shaped like a "decapitated naked woman's body."

Joanna Sharpen, who works for the AVA Project (Against Violence & Abuse), a service working to stop violence against women, calls the product "misogynistic," and accuses Dunlop of "helping to perpetuate violence against women and girls."

"Products like this sexualise and objectify women and create a conducive context for abuse where it is seen as normal and acceptable," Sharpen wrote in an email to "The simple act of hitting the ball (symbolising a head) from this 'novelty' tee is a betrayal to every woman who has experienced abuse and those who did not survive."

Attempts to contact both Dunlop Sport and its parent company, Sports Direct, for comment were unsuccessful.

Sharpen's petition has garnered more than 4,000 signatures so far, well on its way to the 5,000-signature goal she set before she delivers the letter to Dunlop Sport and Sports Direct.

"There is so much sexism in sport," she said, "but I have been pleased with the response from the golfing community. They clearly tell us that there is nothing funny about this."

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