Duffy Waldorf: Eat, Drink and Be Duffy

Duffy Waldorf: Eat, Drink and Be Duffy

You definitely have your own fashion sense. What's your style secret? I have a pants guy, due to my lower-body issues.

A pants guy? Most pants are made for skinny, long-legged guys, and there's no room for the other stuff, like the ass. My guy makes sure I can get my ass in there. I wear the Skins Game shirts. They make the flowered, Hawaiian-style shirts, so I can go incognito with jeans and a T-shirt. A lot of guys wear Lindeberg, but there aren't that many big Swedish people. I'm not the European cut, that's for sure.

If you didn't play golf, would you be in fashion? I'd be a wine salesman. I'm very good at selecting the right wine for people. That's my best skill. Tell me what you like, and I can find a wine in my cellar you'll love. It holds about 1,800 bottles. I loved Sideways. It was a movie I could have written.

What's your most memorable shot? I hit a drive in Hawaii that hit a palm tree about 120 yards off the tee and never came down. It was a heater. It stuck in there like a nail going into wood.

Ever killed a man–with a golf ball, that is? You come close out here. I once missed the green with my approach. The ball hit somebody in the head and rolled right up next to the pin. That was a noggin-bouncie. I made birdie, thanks to his head. I'm amazed people survive these hits by golf balls.

You like to enjoy a nice meal. What's for dinner tonight? We'll start with a sauvignon blanc and move on to a chardonnay. I'll probably have a porterhouse and a twice-baked potato, Caesar salad, some hot spinach with a little oil on it–not runny, or too hot–and then throw in a little chicken marsala to boot, just as a little sidebar. And two desserts: chocolate soufflé and an apple or peach cobbler with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Sounds great, but you might have to hire a second pants man.

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