Fans Steal Cart, Park it at Pub

May 20, 2015

An interesting, alcohol-fueled story has emerged out of Sunday’s final round of the Wells Fargo Championship. And no, it does not involve Rory McIlroy’s victory party.

According to Total Frat Move, a page that calls itself “The most dangerously entertaining website on the internet,” two intoxicated gentlemen stole a golf cart from Quail Hollow Sunday in Charlotte and drove it nearly five miles to Selwyn Pub. Dangerously entertaining, indeed.

The unknowns here are numerous: Why Selwyn Pub? Aren’t there closer bars? How long did the trip take? What drinks were ordered? There are the important questions, folks.

The story indicates that the pair parked the cart on pub property, ordered two shots, then left without the cart. The photo below is believed to be of the stolen cart at the bar, complete with the Quail Hollow logo.

Wells Fargo Championship tournament director Kym Hougham has confirmed that the cart was at the pub, but could not confirm how it got there. Tournament officials were alerted to the incident Monday morning and brought the cart back to Quail Hollow via trailer.

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