Doug Sanders, 76, & Ian Poulter, 33: The Peacocks

Doug Sanders, 76, & Ian Poulter, 33: The Peacocks

Doug Sanders, 76; Ian Poulter, 33, in Augusta, Ga.
Brian Smith

Golf Magazine: You are two of
golf’s biggest style icons of the last
50 years. Critique each other.

Sanders to Poulter: Baby, I like your
smile, and I like your style.

Poulter: You look great!

GM: What does style mean to you?

Poulter: It’s about having confidence to express yourself, daring to be different. Once you’ve got that, it’s about knowing what suits you and how to put an outfit together. My apparel company, IJP Design, put together outfit flowcharts to help people coordinate the outfits as they
were intended when they were designed.

Sanders: You gotta be proud of what you’ve got on. You gotta feel like you’ve done your best to dress for you, not for anybody else. Then you’ve got style,
then you’ve got class!

GM: Give us your biggest
fashion confession.

Poulter: I am vain. I don’t have my teeth whitened or my chest shaved, but I like
to look good. Throw in a bit of hair dye. I sit in the barbershop longer than most men — about an hour and 20 minutes.
And I’m a sucker for fragrances. You
want to look good and smell good.

Sanders: At one time, I had 359 pairs of shoes.

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