Donald Trump Pursuing 90 Percent Tax Cut for Trump National

September 4, 2015

As much as Donald Trump has promised to “make America great” if he were elected president, his most recent move in the golf world has only his own business in mind.

Trump hopes to decrease property taxes for Trump National Golf Club in Briarcliff Manor, located just 45 miles north of New York City, by a whopping 90 percent according to a local report by David McKay Wilson of the Westchester Journal News.

Trump’s case follows his claim that the 140-acre plot of land consisting of the golf course, clubhouse and numerous homes (including 71 condominiums yet to be built) is now worth just $1.4 million, a number that is confusing and frustrating locals. Trump purchased the land for $7.5 million and reportedly sunk $45 million into rebuilding the course and clubhouse.

The club was valued at $35 million in the mid-2000s before being re-valued at $13.5 million after the 2008 stock market crash via a relief request from Trump’s company. Trump’s assessment complaint was filed in the middle of June and is just now getting plenty of local attention.

“He’s going to pass the tax burden on to everybody else,” Ossining Receiver of Taxes Gloria Fried told Wilson. “And we still won’t get to play on his golf course.”

Taxes on the property will drop to $47,000 from $471,000 if Trump gets his wish, which would require neighbors of the club to contribute the remaining $424,000 that the course would no longer pay. With strong local support, Ossining assessor Fernando Gonzalez plans to fight Trump’s attempt to save money by burdening locals.

“It offends anybody who knows anything about Ossining values,” Gonzalez told Wilson. “It’s like me claiming that my brand-new truck that cost $45,000 is worth only $4,500. It’s just ridiculous.”

According to the Westchester Journal News, a three-bedroom home on Trump’s property overlooking the 16th hole is on the market for $2 million, and the land required to build the 71 condominiums on Trump’s property that have been approved would be worth as much as $4 million.

If the Ossining town board does not provide enough of a reduction to satisfy Trump, he can then take his case to the Supreme Court.

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