Donald Trump Could Be Called as a Witness in Golf Club Trial

Donald Trump Could Be Called as a Witness in Golf Club Trial

Donald Trump might be called as a witness in yet another federal trial, this one involving one of his golf clubs.

U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra has set a trial date of August 15 in a case filed by unhappy members of the former Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Jupiter, Fla. The suit alleges that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee failed to pay back wrongly cancelled membership deposits ranging from $41,000 to $117,000 after he purchased the club in 2012 and rebranded it the Trump National Golf Club Jupiter.

If the start date holds, the trial would kick off right in the middle of the Trump’s general election campaign.

According to the Palm Beach Post, three members of the former Ritz-Carlton Golf Club filed suit in November alleging that a Trump entity cancelled memberships when the club was bought and failed to pay back their deposits within 30 days. Now, about 60 members are being represented with as much as $6 million at stake.

Reports say that Trump and his son Eric are likely to be called as witnesses because of a key piece of evidence: a December 2012 letter to club members offering them the option to “opt in” to the new club’s membership by agreeing their memberships were non-refundable.

“You’re probably not going to be a very good club member…you’re out,” Trump wrote of those who might decline. “As the owner of the club, I do not want them to utilize the club nor do I want their dues.”

Trump is trying to get the lawsuit thrown out.

This is not the only lawsuit involving Trump making national headlines: Trump accused U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel of unfairly ruling against him in a Trump University case because of his Mexican heritage. That case is set to go to trial November 28.