Demonstrators to Protest Trains at Chambers Bay, Even From Water

May 20, 2015

Chambers Bay Golf Course borders Puget Sound, alongside which sits a railroad track that serves trains carrying many things, one of them being crude oil. A group of demonstrators have been protesting those oil-bearing trains in 2015 and are planning to continue when the U.S. Open arrives next month, even if that means protesting from the water.

The People’s Climate Action Fleet is the group and its members plan to protest from the water using “kayaks and other watercraft” on June 21, according to a report from That date is the Sunday of the U.S. Open when thousands of people will be on-site with even more watching from home. The protestors’ biggest hurdle, however, could be avoiding law enforcement.

During the event, a 1,000-yard safety zone has been put in place off the shore, as detailed by the local Pierce County Sherrif’s Department. Violators of the zone will be putting themselves in danger of being arrested, according to Dept. Captain Scott Mielcarek.

The trains carrying oil have been dubbed “bomb trains” by the protesters, due to the possibility of their derailing and potentially creating an explosion. About 60 trains pass through Chambers Bay each day.

The trains have been a topic in the area since earlier in 2015 when protesters took to the streets near a Seattle market to protest similar trains from travelling through a popular area.

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