Davis Love III: U.S. Ryder Cup Squad Might Be the ‘Best Golf Team Ever Assembled’

September 23, 2016

Davis Love III seems to be pretty confident in his 2016 Ryder Cup squad, telling the Golf Channel that he believes the U.S. side might be the “best golf team, maybe, ever assembled.”

The Ryder Cup is now just a few shorts days away, and although the American team has yet to be rounded out with a 12th member, Captain Davis Love III is certain that his crew includes the most talented group of players possible. In an appearance on Fairways of Life, Love spoke about his faith in the capabilities of his team.

“This is the best golf team, maybe, ever assembled,” he said.

According to Love, all that stands in the way of an American victory now is a little bit of swagger. “You need to stand up there, smash it down the middle and take off walking and let the other team know we are going to dominate you,” he said.

In other words, precisely what the Europeans have done to the Americans of late.