David Duval's Progress

David Duval’s Progress

David Duval had already secured a lucrative equipment deal before the 1993 tour school. He got lucky and got drawn with me for the first two rounds. His pro career got off to a rocky start, and despite an opening 68, it would take him another year to gain access to the PGA Tour.

He has had more than a few slaps in the face since, many of them self administered, but in the last two weeks, he hasn’t blown anything except a giant raspberry to all those who labeled him a choker. The win at Kingsmill was an indication that his detractors may have been wrong. Winning at Disney proved them very wrong indeed.

In the last three years he has watched his diet and trained physically very hard, losing 25 pounds the right way. The only two places I can recall seeing him at were either the fitness trailor or the practice ground, and it seems to me that he has dedicated his whole life toward winning. Seven second places do not a choker make, apparently!

If my USA Today the day before yesterday is to be believed, this weeks weirdness award goes to Joakim Haeggman of Sweden who threw a 27-41 at Justin Leonard for a decidedly odd 68 at St. Andrews in the Dunhill Cup. Do you think one nine was down wind?

I’m off to Ireland this afternoon for a week of R & R with my idiot friends. I’ve organized for a team of paramedics and a life support machine to greet the plane on my return. I’m also taking my darling wife, to make sure I don’t get into too much trouble! Next stop on the commentary tour is the Gene Sarazen World Open next month, where the winner of the Papua New Guinea Head Hunters Classic gets to play with the US Open champion. I love my job!

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