Danny Willett on Masters Win, Fatherhood and the Ryder Cup

May 17, 2016
danny willett baby.jpg

Danny Willett is living the good life.

The 2016 Masters champion opened up to GOLF.com during a taping of GOLF LIVE, touching on everything from his back nine at Augusta to the adjustment of being a father to newborn son, Zachariah.

“It’s been very, very busy. You can’t expect things to be quiet after you’ve just done the things we did,” Willett said. “It’s been great. There’s always new things coming up and it’s been good to be brought back to earth with the little guy at home.”

Willett’s wife, Nicole, gave birth to the couple’s first child just a week before the Masters. Willett had planned to skip the tournament, as Nicole’s due date was set to be April 10, Masters Sunday.

Instead, the 28-year-old traveled to Augusta National and came home with yet another prize.

“You come back with your green jacket on thinking everything’s rosy and then at two in the morning he’s up crying, you need to feed him, need to change him, so yeah, it brings you sharply back down [to reality].”

That reality is still sinking in for Willett, who says he hasn’t taken the green jacket many places; except for a few photos opportunities, it mostly hangs in his hallway, which he walks by regularly to make sure it’s really still there.

But the green jacket is his, and became so in the span of 45 minutes on Masters Sunday, when Jordan Spieth’s quadruple bogey on 12 derailed his chance of back to back, wire-to-wire wins at Augusta National. During the ceremony at Butler Cabin, the admiration and respect between the two golfers was mutual, and a memory Willett says he’ll never forget.

“[Spieth’s] caddie, Greller, was waiting for us and shook my hand, said ‘Good playing, well done.’ And Jordan did exactly the same,” Willett says, recalling the moments immediately following Spieth’s fresh loss. “I’ve said it a thousand times when people have asked me. It just goes to show the quality and the class of a guy, who’s 22 years old…a lot of guys at that age might sulk about it.”

You can watch the full interview with the Englishman below, where he covers fatherhood, calming his nerves during the last few holes of the 2016 Masters, and his Ryder Cup aspirations.