Daly calls wife 'a liar' but will drop charges

Daly calls wife ‘a liar’ but will drop charges

John Daly played on Friday at the Stanford St. Jude Classic in Memphis despite claims he was attacked by his wife.
Kyle Auclair/Getty Images

John Daly has angrily rejected a claim by his wife that he assaulted her then scratched his face to cover up the incident. Sherrie Daly made the accusation in court papers filed Monday, three days after her husband called deputies to their Memphis home alleging that his wife had tried to stab him with a steak knife. On Friday Daly appeared for the second round of the Stanford St. Jude Championship near his home with visible scratch marks to his face.

“I just want my fans to know one thing — I am the victim in this,” Daly said in a voicemail message left with SI.com’s Seth Davis. “I was stabbed Thursday night of last week in my right cheek and clawed in my left cheek. She’s saying it didn’t happen. I want my fans to know it happened. I was the only one sober at this time. I just want the fans to know that I love them very much and my wife is a liar, a liar. I’m tired of being a victim of all this crap. She beats me up when I go to sleep. Every time I go to sleep she throws her fists on me. I just married the wrong woman.”

Sherrie Daly declined comment when reached by SI.com Tuesday and informed of Daly’s remarks.

Later, during a telephone conversation Tuesday afternoon, Daly told Davis that he and his wife had agreed to drop all charges against each other. The two of them were meeting with their lawyers in Memphis on Tuesday. “I want this to end,” Daly said. “I still love this woman, as crazy as this is. We both still love each other. We don’t know where it’s going to go from there, but I am going to drop my charges against her. I don’t feel that I can do that to her.”

Daly’s attorney, Stevan Black, said that the couple would likely decide in the next few weeks whether to proceed with a divorce filing that had been made several months ago. “There is not currently a reconciliation taking place. There is a recent interim agreement in the interest of John’s son and stepson,” Black said. “[John and Sherrie] are getting together now to restore some peace for the best interests of the children. The children have been negatively impacted by all this publicity.”

When deputies arrived at Daly’s home, his wife and children were not present and they did not find the knife Daly claims his wife used. No criminal charges were filed but the two-time major champion sought a protective order against his wife. In her court filing, Sherrie Daly alleges her husband had been drinking heavily and “spun out of control” before sexually assaulting her. She says that she called 911 before fleeing to a neighbor’s home with their son and another son by a previous relationship.

According to court papers, Sherrie Daly is seeking a restraining order against her husband, possession of their home, custody of the children and continued financial support. She says Daly gives her a monthly cash allowance ranging from $15,000 to $30,000, a claim that provoked laughter from the popular 41-year-old star. “No, no,” he told Davis. “It’s a lot less. All she wants is money. That’s all she wanted from the start. That’s just the way it is.”

Daly is not in the field for this week’s U.S. Open at Oakmont Country Club in Pittsburgh. (Click here to see images from John Daly’s career.)