Cody Gribble Discusses the Benefits of Being a PGA Tour Winner

November 8, 2016

Winning on the PGA Tour has its benefits, that’s for sure. Recent first-time champion Cody Gribble found it out first hand after winning the Sanderson Farms two weekends ago in Jackson, Miss.

Gribble joined the Podcast this week to discuss that 4-shot victory and the many benefits attached to it, like the job security of a nearly three year exemption on the PGA Tour. That, and a congratulatory text from Peyton Manning.

“It was an absolute honor,” Gribble said. “That guy is one of my heroes…”

“I’m going through so many texts and so many people that I’m trying to get back to. There’s a lot of texts with no name, and I don’t know why I clicked on that one. He goes, ‘Hey, this is Peyton Manning.’ It was pretty cool.”

Gribble would explain that, among all the benefits of winning, the week that follows is quite hectic as it is filled with various requests from media, fans, etc. Gribble talks about that, the grind that is the Tour and his beloved Dallas Cowboys in the podcast below.