Claims that Tiger Woods is a Bad Tipper are ‘Just More Bull—t’, Says Sean Foley

December 4, 2014

Sean Foley is calling “bulls—t” on Tiger’s critics, literally.

In a lengthy interview with’s Rick Young, Woods’ former coach shoots down rampant rumors that his most famous ex-pupil is a horrible tipper.

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“He’s done so much for the game of golf and yet he continues to get torn down by all this bull—t. Let’s hope 20 years from now they’re talking about all the kids he’s helped, about him raising millions and millions of dollars through his foundation and sending kids to college instead of how [he] doesn’t tip – which by the way is more bull—t.”

The rumors, once detailed in Hank Haney’s tell-all book “The Big Miss”, were given new life recently thanks to Dan Jenkins controversial faux-interview with Woods in Golf Digest. Foley dismisses claims of Tiger’s excessive frugality with an anecdote of his own.

“They can talk about how he doesn’t tip or whatever but it’s just more bull—t. I’ve seen him tip caddies at local clubs $400 so I don’t know where that comes from,” he said. “Seriously, saying he doesn’t tip? How come he (Jenkins) doesn’t mention Tiger raising $300 million for kids?”

The longtime swing guru, who coached Woods for four years, then set the record straight on how his professional work with Tiger came to end, and how their personal relationship continues today.

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“Tiger called me and we had this very heartfelt discussion. We know what we went through together. I know the state I found him in and so does he,” Foley said. “We came to a point where we weren’t communicating as well as we needed to anymore and we didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship. I love TW. We still talk back and forth. That’s one thing I’m very proud of. We handled the situation in a very classy way. That’s the only way we would.”

You can read the full interview here.

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