Take a Google Maps Tour Around U.S. Open Course Chambers Bay

June 4, 2015

Thousands of people will flock to University Place, Washington, this month for the 115th U.S. Open at Chambers Bay Golf Course. Millions of others will watch at home. Thanks to Google Maps, you can get a glimpse of the relatively unknown course before it hosts its first U.S. Open.

Click on the GIFs below to follow a path that winds through and around Chambers Bay. The Tour starts at the southwest entrance and makes its way between the 18th hole and remains of the old quarry on which the course was constructed. After that, the tour passes the first green and runs toward Puget Sound.

The only tree on the course is visible just before the tour nears the sound in the northwest portion of the course. The tour winds through a wooded area before returning to look out over the entire course. Click the GIF to take the tour.

From there, it’s basically a straight shot home, but with impressive views overlooking the course and the sound. Click the GIF below to see more.

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