Camilo Villegas Excited for Olympics, First Trip to Brazil

February 19, 2016

Colombian Camilo Villegas has played golf all around South America, but he’s yet to hit one destination on the continent: one that could come with a gold medal.

Speaking at the Northern Trust Open Thursday, Villegas told Reuters that he was excited to go to Brazil to experience all the Olympic Games has to offer. It’s not just the golf that he’s looking forward to.

“It would be a huge honor for me to represent my country there,” Villegas said. “I’ve been kind of dreaming of being at the Olympic opening ceremony, that would be pretty cool.”

Villegas, the top-ranked Colombian in the world at 226, has struggled the opening weeks of the 2016 season. His attitude remains positive going into the Florida swing, where he won the 2010 Honda Classic, and seemingly nothing will stop him from experiencing Rio this summer.

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“The very first thing that I thought was that if I happen to compete at the Olympics, I want to stay in the Olympic village, I want to experience all of that,” Villegas said. “You hear so many stories of being around so many athletes, so many different sports. It’s going to be pretty unique. If I am there in Rio, I will be in the Olympic village. I want to experience the whole gig, the opening ceremony, everything.”

The 34-year-old is quick not to compare the Olympics to the four majors, cautioning that golf’s worth in the Olympics will be determined by how it’s received.

“The field in Rio is not going to be like a major field, just because there is no way to have a system to make it like that. But an Olympic gold medal sounds very good,” he said. “I would have no problem with it.”