Caddies: The Haul of Fame

Caddies: The Haul of Fame

Marc Calcavecchia Thursday at Turnberry

Golf Magazine: Combined, the five of you
have caddied for more than 250 wins. What
makes a caddie great?

Mackay: You can’t be afraid of being wrong.

Bender: Knowing when to talk and when
not to. There are many “yes” caddies who
are afraid to get fired. You have to step up!

Williams: You have to assert yourself. When
things aren’t going well, my job is to help turn
things around. At [the 2005] Masters we were
going into a playoff against Chris DiMarco.
Tiger wasn’t happy because we’d just made
bogeys on the last two holes. So I said,
“Remember, this guy hasn’t won a major.
We’ve won a bunch. You know how to do it,
but this guy’s never done it — you have the
edge.” And he birdied the first playoff hole.

Cowan: Sometimes things are going good,
you’re jiving with the player, and all of a
sudden, double-bogey and, “Oh f—!” The
key is not getting too high or too low.

GM: In a given week, do you play the course
in advance of your guy?

Williams: I walk the course, studying the greens.

Mackay: If all the other caddies played like me, all
the trees left of the fairway would take a beating.

GM: What do you know now that you didn’t
know when you started out?

Mackay: Learn to enjoy the long walk from
caddie parking to the clubhouse.

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