Butch Harmon on Tiger: ‘He Looks Lost To Me’

June 17, 2015

Everyone has an opinion on what’s ailing Tiger Woods’ golf game. Few have more insight that Butch Harmon, Woods’ first swing coach.

Harmon spoke with his son, Claude Harmon III, on SiriusXM PGA Tour radio show ‘Son of a Butch,’ and was asked if he had watched Woods’ round of 85 at the Memorial and what he thought of Woods’ swing changes.

“I don’t know what to think,” Harmon said. “Tiger Woods looks a little lost to me. He’s trying to find his way with his new golf swing. He’s changed it five different times now, and that’s difficult for anybody.”

Woods is currently 60/1 to win the U.S. Open, but at his press conference on Tuesday, he appeared the most confident he’s been all season. Harmon isn’t feeling it. 

“This golf course I’m not sure will suit the fact that he’s not in control of his golf ball as well as we’re used to seeing, so I think he’ll struggle around there,” Harmon said.  

Claude asked why Woods can’t seem to take his game from the driving range to the golf course, not unlike the average weekend player’s struggles. 

“His iron game seems to be not too bad,” Harmon said. “But he struggles with the driver. You watch him on the range, and he swings a little bit more under control. Yeah, he hits some waywards shots, but nothing like we see on the course. Then he gets on the course, and the swing gets harder and harder, and you just wonder what’s going through his mind.”

Harmon worked with Tiger at the peak of his powers and witnessed the Tiger Slam in 2000-01. So he’s fully aware of what Woods can do on a golf course, even if he is seven years removed from his last major. Even at 39 years old, Harmon is not ready to count Woods out yet. 

“He’s the best player I’ve ever seen in modern day lifetime, and if anyone can figure it out, he sure can.” 

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