Peter Kostis compares the swings of Bubba Watson and Jack Nicklaus

June 2, 2014

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and columnist Peter Kostis made an illuminating comparison of the similarities between Bubba Watson and Jack Nicklaus’s swings during the CBS Sports’ broadcast of the final round yesterday of the Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio.

You might not think the two have much in common. But check out the video and Kostis’ commentary above to see there are more things alike in two seemingly different swings than you might think.

Their style of play is similar, too. Watson leads the PGA Tour this year in driving distance (314.2 yards). Nicklaus was a leading power hitter of his day, about whom Bobby Jones famously remarked, “Nicklaus played a game with which I am not familiar.”

The same can be said of Bubba Watson.

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