Brandt Snedeker switches putters, shoots 69 in U.S. Open’s first round

Brandt Snedeker acknowledges the crowd after putting out during his first-round 69.
Andrew Hancock/Sports Illustrated

Even the greatest magicians sometimes change their wands.

Just in time for Pinehurst, Brandt Snedeker, one of the game's best putters, has swapped out his flat stick.

In today's opening round of the U.S. Open, he's playing with a new True Balance putter from Bridgestone Golf.

As reported by Golf Channel, the putter head itself is standard weight, but the shaft is light. Very light: just 35 grams, compared to a more conventional 115-gram shaft. The grip (26 grams) treads lightly, too.
"It's something I've been fooling around with for a while," Snedeker said after his first-round 69. "It's not a big change. It worked great today, I made a lot of 15- to 20-footers I haven't been making."

Among the advantages, apparently, is altered weight distribution that shifts the balance point on the putter closer to the sole, which, according to the manufacturer, gives a player better feel.

Lucas Glover is also using a True Balance putter this week.

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