Tiger Woods Short Game Is Not Ready For 2015 Masters, Says Brandel Chamblee

April 2, 2015

No one knows if Tiger Woods will play in next week’s Masters. Even if he does, Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee does not believe Woods’ “catastrophically bad” short game could hold up for four rounds at Augusta National.

“Given what we’ve seen, it’s unimaginable to me that in this short period of time, he would have been able to come to any sort of manageable level of short game,” Chamblee said in a Golf Channel teleconference. “I read where people said it wasn’t the yips. Well, you can call it whatever you want, but it’s catastrophically bad, what we saw.”

Chris DiMarco, a Golf Channel analyst who finished second to Woods in the memorable 2005 Masters, said Woods was not forthright about the reason he withdrew from the Farmers Insurance Open in February.

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“There was no back problem, he was embarrassed to be out there,” DiMarco said. “He wasn’t doing anything good, and I think there was something wrong and he couldn’t take care of it.”

After Woods’ disastrous 2015 debut at the Phoenix Open, Woods said he had hit thousands of chip shots leading up to the event, but still could not take it from the practice green to the course. 

“It’s easy to say you can fix it at home, chipping with your buddies or whatever,” DiMarco said. “But when it’s the first hole at Augusta and you’ve got to hit it over a bunker from short right and you’ve got no green to work with and everything is on the line, is that when it’s going to be fixed?”

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On the Dan Patrick Show, DiMarco said he would be surprised if Woods played the Masters. Here’s the complete interview:


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