Book Review: Obsessed with Golf

Book Review: Obsessed with Golf


Get your pens and pencils ready, germs. This is more than a book review, this is a quiz.

1. What is the most comprehensive golf trivia quiz book ever published?
a. Obsessed with Golf
b. Shanks a Lot for the Golf Trivia
c. Who Was Bunky Henry … and Other Big Questions
d. Dead Solid Quizzical
(Correct answer: a.)

2. Which two noted golf writers compiled Obsessed with Golf?
a. Sacco and Vanzetti
b. Herbert Warren and Warren Wind
c. Dave Shedloski and Alex Miceli
d. Boss Tweed and Billy Joe Shakespeare
(Correct answer: c.)

3. How many golf quiz questions are there in Obsessed with Golf?
a. 250
b. 500
c. 2,500
d. 7,200
(Correct answer: c)

4. How expensive is Obsessed with Golf?
a. $24.95
b. $3.95
c. Free if you mention Shedloski’s name
d. Double if you mention you’re a friend of Miceli’s
(Correct answer: a)

5. What subject has Shedloski authored two other golf books on?
a. The Real Happy Gilmore
b. Jack Nicklaus
c. The Canadian Open
d. Great golf courses you’ll never play
(Correct answer: b)

6. What weekly Golf Channel show does Miceli appear on?
a. Big Break VIII
b. This Week with Frank Lickliter
c. Police Academy Live
d. The Approach
(Corrected answer: d)

7. What makes Obsessed with Golf a very unusual book?
a. Shedloski relented and agreed to use verbs
b. It comes in a downloadable iPod version
c. You can buy it at Starbucks
d. It has a built-in electronic module so it can be played as an interactive game for one or two players.
(Correct answer: d)

8. Which of the following is not a category with at least 250 questions on the subject in the book?
a. Masters
b. Women’s golf
c. Caddyshack, the greatest movie ever made
d. British Open
(Correct answer: c)

9. What comes included with a copy of Obsessed with Golf?
a. Two AAA batteries
b. Handgun
c. Sleeve of Acushnet Club Specials
d. Green bowtie
(Correct answer: a)

10. What is my opinion of Obsessed with Golf?
a. Totally sucks
b. More fun than a shank
c. Loaded with fascinating, fun information
d. You should’ve already bought one for a Father’s Day gift, dummy
(Correct answer: b, c or d)

Congratulations if you got any of those questions correct. Now enjoy a quick five-question quiz from Obsessed with Golf (answers below):

1. Which well-known golf instructor has fought the yips with his driver?
a. Butch Harmon
b. Jim McLean
c. Hank Haney
d. David Leadbetter

2. Who is the only player to hold all four LPGA major titles at the same time?
a. Betsy Rawls
b. Annika Sorenstam
c. Louise Suggs
d. Mickey Wright

3. Who said the following? 'I was three over. One over a house, one over a patio and one over a swimming pool.'
a. Jackie Gleason
b. George Brett
c. Jim Murry
d. Michael Jordan

4. What is Tiger Woods’ shoe size?
a. 12
b. 10.5
c. 11
d. 9.5

5. What did Gene Sarazen’s father want him to be when he grew up?
a. Carpenter
b. Baseball player
c. Mechanic
d. Banker

(Obsessed with Golf quiz answers: 1-c. 2-d. 3-b. 4-d. 5-c.)