Billy Hurley III Says Father Has Been Missing For 9 Days

Billy Hurley III Says Father Has Been Missing For 9 Days

Willard Hurley, Billy Hurley III's father, was missing for nine days.
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GAINESVILLE, Va—Billy Hurley III, a U.S. Naval Academy grad who’s trying to make it in pro golf, will play in this week’s Quicken Loans National.

It’s not a normal tournament week for Hurley, 33. He’s looking for his father, Willard, who has mysteriously gone missing.

The weird circumstance led to a weirder press conference. Here’s what young Hurley had to say:

“Last Sunday, nine days ago, my dad took some clothes, he took some cash, he got in his truck and drove away and no one has heard from him since. No one really knows why.

“He’s been married to my mom for 30-plus years. They still live in the house that I grew up in in Leesburg, Va., and I’m just hoping that maybe he goes to to check my tee time or check my score and sees this story and understands that Dad, we love you and we want you to come home.

“We have no idea where he is. My dad was a police officer in this area for 25, 27 years. He did security detail on this golf course for every Presidents Cup that’s been played here. Some of my first memories of the tour were hearing him tell silly stories about player conversations inside the ropes from walking with them during the Presidents Cup.

“He works at the church I grew up in, Reston Bible Church, and that he attended for the last, I don’t know, 35 years or something. He’s not mentally unstable. We have no idea why he left and it’s complete speculation for anybody to try and put their finger on that.

“But I’m hopeful. This was a hard decision for my family to make this public. I just found out about it yesterday afternoon. I thought, Here we have an opportunity… maybe a bartender who served him dinner sees this story on Golf Central or whatever and we can get a hit on his location. Or maybe he sees it and he realizes that it’s just time to come home.

“A missing person’s report has been filed in Leesburg, Va. I just really appreciate your help and also your respectfulness of our privacy. Myself and my family aren’t going to make any further comment about this. I’m not going to field any questions about this now or later this week.

“I intend to play this week in hopes that that somehow brings my dad home, and thanks for your support.”

Hurley’s father drove a dark green Ford F-150 pickup truck with a cab cover, Virginia license plate YWH 5898.

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