Big Play

Big Play

Brittany Lincicome wins the 2007 Ginn Open at Ginn Reunion Resort in Reunion, Florida.
Al Messerschmidt/

WHO: Brittany Lincicome
WHAT: 104-yard wedge to 12 feet
WHERE: 421-yard par-4 18th at the Reunion Resort & Club
WHEN: Final round of the Ginn Open

WHY: Lincicome achieves ideal impact position—flat left wrist, bent right wrist and shaft leaning forward—and that saved her on Sunday because high winds require perfect impact. Best known for her length, Lincicome also has great fundamentals and an improved short game, which she used to erase a six-shot deficit to win the Ginn. She made two key up-and-downs and iced the victory with that deft wedge at 18.

Drag a Ball to Find The Perfect Impact

To play effectively in wind you must hit the ball solidly, and to do that you need perfect impact position. To learn it, walk across a carpeted room or a fairway while gently pulling a ball with a seven-or an eight-iron. Make sure the ball is always touching the club face, which will require you to keep the shaft leaning well forward and the face square. Be sure you drag or pull the ball rather than push it.

Mark Wood teaches at the Cornerstone Club in Montrose, Colo.

…and another thing

“If I could change one rule, I’d reduce the number of clubs in the bag from 14 to 12. That would bring shotmaking back into the game.”
-Mark Wood

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