Big Hitters: A position-by-position ranking of the NFL’s best golfers

September 13, 2011

When you earn a living in an arena of semi-controlled violence, the serenity of a golf course is an enjoyable alternative. Sure, golf comes with its own set of challenges, but that doesn’t include being pummeled by a 300-pound lineman who can run a 4.6 40. We canvassed the teams in the NFL to put together our version of an All-Pro team, identifying the best golfers at each position. (Not surprisingly, every team nominated its kicker and punter, so we’ve included them—even though we all know they aren’t really football players.) —Michael Corcoran



Tony Romo
Dallas Cowboys, 6’2″, 223
Handicap: 0
Golf strength: “Length off the tee”
Weakness: “Not enough time to practice”
Favorite course: Augusta National G.C., Augusta, Ga.


Danny Woodhead
New England Patriots, 5’9″, 195
Handicap: 7
Golf strength: “Recovery shots”
Weakness: “I get easily frustrated.”
Favorite Course: Bayonne (N.J.) G.C., Sand Hills G.C., Mullen, Neb.

Patrick Cobbs

New Orleans Saints, 5’8″, 205
Handicap: 13
Golf strength: “160 to 60 yards in”
Weakness: “Lately, putting.”
Favorite course: Ft. Lauderdale C.C., Plantation, Fla.

(including tight end)

Steve Hutchinson

Minnesota Vikings, 6’5″, 313
Handicap: 20
Golf strength: “Don’t have one”
Weakness: “Don’t play enough”
Favorite course: “Don’t have one”

Roberto Garza
Chicago Bears, 6′ 2″, 310
Handicap: 22
Golf strength: “Touch with irons”
Weakness: “Can’t hit a draw”
Favorite course: Pebble Beach Golf LInks, Pebble Beach, Calif.

Nick Mangold

New York Jets, 6’4″ 305
Handicap: 20
Golf strength: “Middle irons”
Weakness: “Chipping”
Favorite course: Yankee Trace G.C., Centerville, Ohio (“I’ve played there since eighth grade.”)

Geoff Hangartner

Carolina Panthers, 6’5″, 301
Handicap: 7.8
Golf strength: “Putting”
Weakness: “Long irons”
Favorite course: Oak Hill C.C., Rochester, NY


Chris Cooley

Washington Redskins,TE, 6’3″, 250
Handicap: 6
Golf strength: “Short game”
Weakness: “Hitting greens”
Favorite course: Raspberry Falls
G.C., Leesburg, Va.

Hank Baskett

Minnesota Vikings, 6’4″, 220
Handicap: 11
Golf strength: “Approach shots. Anything under 200 yards, I’m money.”
Weakness: “Bunker shots”
Favorite course: Trump National G.C., Los Angeles

Anthony Gonzalez

Indianapolis Colts, 6’0″, 193
Handicap: 8.9
Golf strength: “Nonexistent”
Weakness: “Bunker shots”
Favorite course: Muirfield Village GC, Dublin, Ohio


Kyle Williams

Buffalo Bills, 6’1″, 306
Handicap: 0
Golf strength:
“Short game”
Weakness: “Putting”
Favorite course: Squire Creek G.&C.C., Choudrant, La.; Spyglass Hill, Pebble Beach, Calif.

Brian Schaefering

Cleveland Browns, 6’4″, 305
Handicap: 20
Golf strength: “Hitting my irons.”
Weakness: “Hitting my driver.”
Favorite course: Trump National G.C., Bedminster, N.J.

Jason Taylor

Miami Dolphins, 6’6″, 255
Handicap: 10
Golf strength: “Hitting the long ball”
Weakness: “Putting”
Favorite course: Adios G.C., Coconut Creek, Fla.

Brian Urlacher

Chicago Bears, 6’4″, 258
Handicap: 8
Golf strength: “Putting”
Weakness: “Irons”
Favorite course: Augusta National G.C., Augusta, Ga.

A.J. Hawk
Green Bay Packers, 6’1″, 247
Handicap: 8
Golf strength: “Driver and wedge game”
Weakness: “Long irons”
Favorite course: Tartan Fields G.C., Dublin, Ohio

Barrett Ruud

Tennessee Titans, 6’2″, 235
Handicap: 5
Golf strength: “Driving”
Weakness: “Wedge play”
Favorite course: Sand Hills G.C., Mullen, Neb.

Al Harris
St. Louis Rams, 6’1″, 190
Handicap: 9
Golf strength: “Short game”
Weakness: “Long irons”
Favorite course: TPC Eagle Trace, Coral Springs, Fla.

Ronde Barber
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 5’10”, 180
Handicap: 3.3
Golf strength: “Scrambling and short game”
Weakness: “Accuracy off the tee”
Favorite course: Old Memorial G.C., Tampa, Fla.

Terence Newman
Dallas Cowboys, 5’10”, 193
Handicap: 8
Golf strength: “Putting”
Weakness: “Driver”
Favorite course: Pebble Beach Golf Links, Pebble Beach, Calif.

Eric Weddle
San Diego Chargers,
5’11”, 200
Handicap: 7.5
Golf strength: “Length, approach shots and short game”
Weakness: “Putting and accuracy off the tee”
Favorite course: Bajamar G.C., Baja California, Mexico


Ryan Longwell
Minnesota Vikings, K, 6’0″, 200
Handicap: 0.4
Golf strength: “Driving the ball”
Weakness: “Putting”
Favorite course: Pronghorn G.C. (Nicklaus Course), Bend, Ore.

Adam Podlesh
Chicago Bears, P, 5’11, 200
Handicap: 0
Golf strength: Consistency off the tee
Weakness: “Long-iron accuracy”
Favorite course: King & Bear, World Golf Village, St. Augustine, Fla.