Masters 2015: Augusta National Files Trademark For ‘A Tradition Unlike Any Other’

April 9, 2015

Augusta National Golf Club filed for two trademarks on “A Tradition Unlike Any Other,” a phrase coined by CBS’ lead golf announcer Jim Nantz.

According to ESPN, one trademark claims that Augusta National first used the phrase in 1989, three years after Nantz first said it. A second trademark is for use of the phrase on tournament merchandise, including shirts, pants and dresses.

Sandy Montag, who represents Nantz, told ESPN that the announcer did not know of the filing but that it was not a problem. The trademarks would not prevent Nantz from using the phrase on air, as he is part of the broadcast.

As Montag said, the network typically owns the broadcast and what’s spoken on it. But in this case, Augusta National owns the broadcast, and thus the rights to phrases coined on it.

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