Augusta National Adds Security Posts to Magnolia Lane Entrance

The most photographed driveway in all of golf has increased its security.

Magnolia Lane, the entrance into Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga., is now blocked by short concrete posts that were installed this summer, according to the Augusta Chronicle. Photos from the drive down Magnolia Lane are often posted on social media by Tour pros as they enter the gates each April, and the entrance has become an attraction for tourists since the adjacent street, Washington Road, is a public road. 

According to the report, a large green screen was put up while the construction was completed, and the posts are retractable and can be controlled by club security.

Augusta National's security concerns are not unfounded. In 1983, when President Reagan was playing the course, a local man crashed through the gates and held hostages at gunpoint in the pro shop for two hours while demanding to see the president. The Secret Service later subdued him.

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