Augusta National Golf Club Reportedly Buys Pep Boys for $6.9 Million

January 19, 2017

Augusta National Golf Club isn’t slowing down its apparent expansion.

According to ABC News 6 and other reports, Augusta National, the home of the Masters, has purchased the nearby Pep Boys for $6.9 million. Property records obtained by the outlets have the sale taking place in November.

The Augusta, Ga., Pep Boys is northwest of the course and across Old Berckmans Road. It’s on the same block of (and less than 100 yards away) from Jay’s Music Center, which Augusta National purchased for $5.3 million in November. Jay’s Music Center was on the corner of Old Berckmans Road and Washington Road.

According to ABC News 6, National Hills Goodyear Tire and Jiffy Lube, both located in the same area as the two recent purchases, had previously sold their businesses to Augusta National.