Anthony Kim Has Been MIA But Brings In Big Bucks at Charity Auction

May 26, 2015
anothny kim.jpg

Once America’s most promising golf star, Anthony Kim has removed himself from the spotlight the last few years.

But in order to see him swing again, all you have to do is pay about $25,000.

A round of golf with Kim was auctioned off for $24,500 earlier this month at the 12th Annual Toby Kieth & Friends Golf Classic in Norman, Oklahoma, a two-day fundraiser that raised a total of $1.2 million. The auction itself earned $575,000 according to a report from The Oklahoman, in which Kim is referred to as a pro golfer.

How the fundraiser landed rights to a round with Kim remains unknown. The last we saw of him, he was hanging out with poker players in Las Vegas. He hasn’t played on the PGA Tour since 2012, but reported in September that his absence has been due to an insurance policy against a career-ending injury that’s worth more than eight figures and would be voided if he returned to the Tour.

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