Jason Day Announced as Jordan Day at BMW Championship

September 8, 2016

A first tee starter at the BMW Championship is having a bad day: he somehow mixed up Jason Day’s first name with Jordan Spieth’s: “From Australia,” he said as Jason got ready to take his first swing, “Jordan Day!”

Day looked confused for a few seconds and then started laughing, as did most of the crowd. Spieth wasn’t paired with Day today; he began his round almost two hours later. Still, it’s easy to forgive the announcer: Jordan’s and Jason’s names do often wind up in the same sentence together. (It would be more forgiveable, of course, if Jason Day weren’t the defending champion at the BMW or the No. 1 player in the world.)

We’re left wondering what a person possessing both Day and Spieth’s talents might be capable of. Jordan Day, unbeatable super-golfer.

Watch the video below.