The Andersen windows installed in Golf Magazine’s Ultimate Dream House will offer serious protection for the stylish abode

The Andersen windows installed in Golf Magazine’s Ultimate Dream House will offer serious protection for the stylish abode

Andersen windows will be installed in the Dream House, situated on the 14th fairway at Talis Park.
Courtesy of Kitson & Partners

Golf Magazine’s Ultimate Dream House is well under construction at the world-class Talis Park course in Naples, Fla. As the walls go up and the house gets closer to completion, the Dream House is being outfitted with brand-new Andersen Windows — and they serve a special purpose.

A golf course in Florida can be a danger to panes of glass, thanks to two pesky particulars: hurricanes and golf balls. Fortunately, Andersen Windows has the threat covered.

“We shoot a nine-foot two-by-four at 50 feet per second at our windows to test them,” says Stacy Einck, Andersen’s manager of brand public relations. “And we do that twice in order for it to pass.”

That’s rigorous testing. No golf ball is getting through an Andersen window.

Photos of Andersen windows to be installed in the Ultimate Golf Dream House

The Minnesota-based company has been producing top-of-the-line windows for more than 110 years. They are the largest window and door manufacturer in North America, with more than 9,000 employees. Andersen windows can be found in houses from South America to Asia, in myriad colors, styles and combinations.

Andersen is a true window innovator — the company was at the forefront of standard-sized modular windows at the turn of the 20th century and created the first complete casement window unit, which can be hinged open, during the Great Depression. Now their signature 400 Series windows with StormWatch® protection will insulate, protect, and brighten the GOLF Dream House at Talis Park.

This is a marriage of form and function: The 400 Series windows will complement the Dream House’s handsome transitional coastal style, and reduce heating and cooling bills thanks to their double-pane construction.

“The house has a beautiful style,” says Einck, “And our product is perfectly situated to create that design in the same style, with the same materials and patterns.”

The windows will come with the Stormwatch protection package, which reinforces them against the violent weather that can occur in the heart of hurricane country. They are also vinylclad, crafted for maximum protection against the salt air drifting around the Gulf Coast that can be just as damaging to your window as an errant tee shot.

About those pesky golf balls. The Dream House is situated on the fairway of the 14th hole at Talis Park, which offers an amazing view of the course but presents a problem should any inaccurate duffers start hacking away nearby. Andersen Windows have an exterior pane that is meant to crack and absorb the energy of any flying objects. The interior pane is actually two pieces of glass with a flexible membrane in between: They are more similar to a car windshield, and offer greater protection against the rapid pressure changes that occur during a hurricane.

“My dad used to live on a golf course,” says Einck with a laugh, “and I can’t tell you how many times you can’t see the ball, but you hear it bouncing around! So will an Andersen Window withstand a golf ball? Yes. That golf ball will not get inside your house.”

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