After bashing Brits, Singh paired with Casey

After bashing Brits, Singh paired with Casey

SAN DIEGO — At the beginning of the week at Torrey Pines, Vijay Singh criticized British golfers for being in a comfort zone and not working hard enough to win majors. He may have been regretting those comments when he arrived at the first tee on Saturday. He was paired with England’s Paul Casey.

“Luke (Donald) told me on Friday what Vijay had said, but I didn’t say anything to Vijay,” Casey said.

This was the quote that caused the stir: “Lots of them start out with the right intentions, and the opportunities are there for them to become great,” Singh said. “But once they’re on tour, though, they find themselves having a fine time and wondering, ‘Why should I bother to work hard?’ Their way of life is so comfortable that it doesn’t matter if they have a bad tournament. The disappointment is not as big any more. There’s another event the following week and they just move on.”

But the worker and the slacker both posted five-over-par 76s on Saturday, and both are 12 over for the tournament.

“My work rate is absolutely fine,” Casey said after his round. “Vijay’s clearly is more than most other peoples. That is just his style. I think overall the British guys are working very hard.”

An angry and frustrated Casey said he wasn’t sure if he was going to head off to the range or to a Jacuzzi.

“A padded cell might be nice,” he said. “I want to go out there tomorrow and blitz it to try to get a decent finish.”

So what’s keeping the Brits back in the majors? “We have the desire and the hunger,” Casey said. “What we need is for guys to break through, and the belief is the thing. We need to get that going a little bit stronger and eliminate a couple more errors. But it is a fine line, especially on a golf course like this. It can make you look a bit daft at times.”