Adam Scott: The Rating Game

Adam Scott: The Rating Game

A great driver, a good kisser and a decent cook. But would you trust him with your daughter?
Steve Read

Adam Scott scores himself from one to 10 on the following skills…

Course management: 8

Driving: 9

Driving a car: 7

Golf Magazine: You want to say 10, don’t you?

Adam Scott: Yeah.

Long-iron play: 9

Short game: 4

Putting: 7

Scrambling: 7

Chooser of wine to be served at dinner: I’d like to say 10, but I really don’t know s— about what wine goes with what food.

Cooking: 5. Used to be a zero, now I give myself 5.

GM: Favorite thing to cook?

AS: I’m really good at cooking chicken. Keeping it nice and tender. Juicy.

Ordering dinner for a female dining companion: 6

Arm-wrestling: 0. I’ve got weak wrists. I’m terrible. You could probably beat me.

Remembering birthdays: 9. I’ve got a good memory, so I’d give myself a 9 for that.

Kissing: 7. I’ve only ever had one complaint.

GM: What was the complaint?

AS: It was when I was like 14, the rumor got around school that I was a bad kisser.

GM: What did you do wrong?

AS: I don’t know! I’m gonna put that behind me. I’m changing my answer; gonna give myself a good 8 for kissing.

Effectively saying you’re sorry to someone: 5. Not really good at saying “I’m sorry!” In fact, I don’t know anyone who’d be good at that.

Surfing: 6. Though I do think I’m above average for the amount of time I spend doing it, which isn’t much.

Willpower to refuse a fun night out for the sake of practice: 2

Tolerance for alcohol: 10!

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