Next best thing: The LPGA star to be

December 26, 2018

Golf’s future isn’t just in the hands of Tour newbies like Joaquin Niemann, Sam Burns and Cameron ChampThis season —and for seasons to come — the sport is going to look, feel and play different. Here are our picks for the best and brightest players, personalities and technology to look forward to in 2019 and beyond.


Emma Talley has been ascendant since 2013, when she won the U.S. Am as a freshman at Alabama. But that’s ancient history —even for a 24-year-old.
Last year, in her rookie LPGA season, Talley notched four top-seven finishes. Quite a success story for a girl from Princeton, Kentucky (population: 6,329).

“My family, they weren’t golfers, so I grew up not knowing a lot about the sport,” Talley says. “I feel like I have so far to go, and I can improve on every part of my game, which is cool. Some people get to a point in their career where they feel like they’re stuck. I’m not like that.”
Talley’s Southern-girl-next door charm only adds to her magnetism. Next stop for the Nashville-based globetrotter? Superstardom.
Emma Talley