‘It’s a boy!’: Jason and Ellie Day welcome third child

November 4, 2018

Jason and Ellie Day welcomed the newest edition to their family on Friday, a boy named Arrow Joseph Day.

Ellie Day posted the news on Instagram on Saturday.

“Arrow Joseph made his sweet debut yesterday at 7:26am, 2.5 weeks early,” she wrote. “I am so exhausted but oh, my heart is so full. As soon as I saw the name Arrow I wanted it if he was a boy. I thought of this verse in Psalms and couldn’t get it out of my head. It is such an important job to raise your babies. And I am so grateful for the chance to be with them and raise them with purpose much bigger than themselves. Oh, Arrow. You are a little dream. We are smitten. #baby3 #itsaboy #rainbowbaby #raisingarrows #joyjoyjoy”

Jason and Ellie are also parents to Dash, 6, and Lucy, 2. It was roughly a year ago when Ellie suffered a miscarriage and shared her struggle on social media.