Tour Confidential Daily: Who will come out on top and win the Ryder Cup on Sunday?

September 29, 2018 conducts a weekly roundtable with its staff to break down the game’s hottest topics every Sunday evening. This week for the Ryder Cup we are answering one burning question each night. Check back for the unfiltered opinions of our writers and editors and join the conversation by tweeting us @golf_com.

After two years of banter, predictions, storylines and more, the 42nd Ryder Cup will be decided by 12 singles matches on Sunday at Le Golf National. It won’t be easy for the Americans, who trail 10-6. Look into your crystal ball to forecast one final prediction and tell us who wins on Sunday and why.

Sean Zak: Spieth wins and Justin Thomas wins. Those are the only two Americans I have any confidence in. Beyond that, I see a split of the remaining matches, leaving us with a 15-13 victory for the Euros and a dominating performance by Le Golf National.

Josh Sens: The U.S. will close the gap but not enough of their studs are firing on all cylinders to complete the comeback. Throw in the fact that Europe is a much stronger team than many acknowledged and the Cup spends a couple of years abroad. Let’s just hope the Americans don’t feel compelled to form another task force.

sergio garcia ryder cup
Sergio Garcia will face off against Rickie Fowler on Sunday.
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Luke Kerr-Dineen: As the resident European, I have to admit, I’m pretty pleased at how this is going. My prediction? There’ll be a moment early on Sunday when a lot of red floods the leaderboard and the comeback looks on, but I think the Europeans will get it done anyway. I predicted a 16-12 European win before the Ryder Cup, but I think it’ll be closer than that.

Dylan Dethier: I think LKD is about right, although I see it getting closer than 16-12 in the end. There will be a moment on Sunday when the result looks very much up in the air. Then Europe will close it out, because they look so much more comfortable on the greens. But I like the American side in 1v1 competition more so than either format of these last two days.

Alan Shipnuck: Spieth, Thomas, Simpson and Watson were spectacular today; let’s say they bring home 3 points in singles. Tiger, Phil, DJ and Koepka can’t possibly keep playing as bad as they have; let’s give them 2.5 points. Patrick Reed is still Patrick Reed; when he brings home a point the U.S. now has 6.5 and needs only 1.5 points from Rickie (a proven Ryder Cupper), Bryson (who will be desperate to redeem himself after losing two blowouts) and Finau (who has been solid so far). Somehow, some way, the U.S. gets it done.

Michael Bamberger: I withdraw all I have said on this subject and a reintroduce my usual caveat: I’m not good at this. With that preamble: I could see the Americans playing much better, winning seven matches, losing four and halving one. That gets them to 13.5. And it gets the Europeans to 14.5. Europe by a point. Do not run to DraftKings with that.

Jessica Marksbury: I’m still holding out hope for Team USA – at least to make it exciting. We know there’s precedent for the comeback required. Is it that far-fetched to think that we could win four of the first six matches to cut the deficit in half? The problem then lies in the remaining six matches. Can we win four of those? It doesn’t seem SO crazy on paper, right?! So, I’m going to keep the faith in the ol’ red, white and blue (U.S. edition). Final score: 14-14, U.S. retains the Cup.

Josh Berhow: Europe wins. While I think the Americans will play better in singles than they have the past two days, there’s just too much going wrong on the U.S. side right now. Reed is struggling. So is Phil. Tiger has to be exhausted. I don’t think they’ll back down but ultimately it won’t be enough.

Jeff Ritter: Shipnuck sized it up well – the U.S. hasn’t played its best, but a four-point Sunday deficit has been overcome twice before (Brookline ’99, Medinah ’12). There’s plenty of firepower on this team to become the third and make this a Cup for the ages. (Working titles: “Le Miracle!” or “Sacre Bleu It!”) If I ignore Bamberger and run to Draftkings, I’d pick Europe to win, but I think this is going to be a one-point margin one way or another.