Here’s why Bubba Watson wore a glove during his Ryder Cup press conference

September 26, 2018

For most golf fans, the biennial Ryder Cup is a long-awaited week that promises to be one of the most exciting of the year. But according to Team USA’s Bubba Watson, the Americans are already looking for alternative means of amusement.

Bubba Watson said wearing a glove throughout his press conference is a ‘dumb’ thing he decided to do because ‘golf gets boring.’

Watson arrived at his press conference wearing a turquoise G/Fore glove — and kept it on throughout his interview. Why?

“Got to have something to do,” Watson said. “Golf gets boring after awhile.”

“Every time we have a team event, there’s people that you’ve got to say so many words or you’ve got to do something, we’ll say, dumb,” Watson said. “So I said I’ve got to wear my glove the whole interviews. So I’m doing it.”

There you have it. Whether or not the glove will stay on throughout the week remains to be seen.