2012 Players Championship Quiz

The infamous island-green 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass.
David Walberg / SI

Think you have all the answers when it comes to the PGA Tour's flagship event? Only an expert can ace this ultimate quiz. Test your knowledge by answering the questions below:

1. The Players Championship is often called:
a) The Fifth Major
b) Deane's Dream
c) The Second-Biggest Tournament in the Southeast, Most Years
d) The Mayjor

2. True or False: In dollar bills, 2011 winner K.J. Choi's $1.71 million paycheck would stretch from Sawgrass to Seoul.

3. Pete Dye originally diagrammed the island-green 17th hole on:
a) Graph paper
b) Alice Dye's hand
c) A cocktail napkin
d) Jack Nicklaus's forehead

4. Which is not a real quote about TPC Sawgrass?
a) "It's a little gimmicky." -Tiger Woods
b) "It's 90 percent horse manure and 10 percent luck." -J.C. Snead
c) "I've never been good at stopping a five-iron on the hood of a car." -Jack Nicklaus
d) "It's Star Wars golf designed by Darth Vader." -Ben Crenshaw
e) "Ben, you crybaby. I am your father!" -Anakin Dye

5. Which statement is false?
a) No tournament offers more prize money.
b) 1982 champ Jerry Pate was the first Tour player to win with an orange ball.
c) Duffer Angelo Spagnolo shot 66 — on the 17th hole.
d) Tim Finchem once parred the 17th after knocking his tee shot into the water.

6. When Dye began work on TPC Sawgrass, the highest point on the 415-acre site was [ ______ ] above the waterline.
a) 145 feet
b) 65 feet
c) 12 feet
d) 18 inches

7. What did Dye use to help build the course?
a) Bulldozers
b) Alice Dye
c) Goats
d) All the above

8. Ponte Vedra is Spanish for:
a) Deane Berman
b) Bean Demon
c) Old bridge
d) Pump five in the water

9. In 1974, the year of the first Players Championship, the Tour's money leader was:
a) Johnny Miller with $353,022
b) Jack Nicklaus with $199,606
c) Jack Nicklaus with $465,011
d) Tom Watson with $362,429
e) Jug McSpaden with $67.75

10. Each year, golfers lose about [ ________ ] balls in TPC Sawgrass water hazards.
a) 10,000
b) 120,000
c) 250,000
d) 1.5 million

11. The toughest hole relative to par is:
a) The 137-yard 17th
b) The 447-yard 18th
c) The 219-yard 8th
d) The expensive 19th

12. Which term has been suggested as a nickname for the three-hole finishing stretch?
a) The Gantlet
b) Bogey Bayou
c) Dye Hard III
d) The Bermuda Triangle
e) All the above

13. The Players ends on Mothers Day. Who is not a Players champion's mother?
a) Consuelo Garcia
b) Kultida Woods
c) Kultida Woods
d) Toini Norman

14. True or False: Sawgrass is south of Tijuana, Mexico.

15. Which isn't a real gallery?
a) Jack's Pack
b) Lee's Fleas
c) Els's Belles
d) Choi's Bois

16. The 77,000-square-foot clubhouse is larger than:
a) An NFL football field
b) Derek Jeter's house in Tampa
c) The White House
d) All the above

17. In 2005, Fox TV put a race car driver, an NFL quarterback and an All-Star pitcher on the 17th tee. Who put his tee shot on the green?
a) The Chiefs' Trent Green
b) NASCAR's Dale Jarett
c) The Braves' John Smoltz

18. Funk Mudd Love Perks is:
a) A glam metal band
b) A partial list of Players champions
c) Both

17-18 CHAMPION           9-12 JOURNALIST
15-16 PLAYER                5-8 CHARLES BARKLEY
13-14 CADDIE                0-7 ANGELO SPAGNOLO

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1) a; 2) false; 3) d; 4) e; 5) b; 6) d; 7) d; 8) c; 9) a; 10) b;
11) b; 12) e; 13) c; 14) true; 15) c; 16) d; 17) b; 18) b