10 Things You Don’t Know About … Loren Roberts


1. “Boss of the Moss” is a great nickname. I’ll be forever grateful to David Ogrin for it.

2. I’ve never been to Graceland, sad to say.

3. I don’t have any Elvis albums, either.

4. One of my duties as an assistant pro was making milkshakes. I still like to do it.

5. If I’d had the concessions contract at that course, I might never have joined the Tour—you can make all kinds of money doing that.

6. I celebrated my 2007 Charles Schwab Cup win by drinking champagne, but not from the Cup—they didn’t send it for weeks.

7. I used to live across the street from NBA guard Jayson Williams.

8. My favorite food on the road is the frozen custard in Milwaukee.

9. I sign more autographs now than I did when I was playing on the regular Tour. Back then people confused me with Morris Hatalsky.

10. The strangest thing I ever signed was a Roger Clemens autographed baseball.