Johnny Manziel's Golf Swing, as Seen By Top 100 Teachers Brady Riggs and Brian Manzella

Johnny Manziel’s Golf Swing, as Seen By Top 100 Teachers Brady Riggs and Brian Manzella

Here's Johnny Manziel, shirt untucked and hat backwards, taking a huge cut at a drive off the deck. What else would you expect from Johnny Football?
The newest member of the Cleveland Browns swings a golf club precisely as we'd expect him to: athletically and with reckless disregard for where the ball might go.
We asked Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers Brady Riggs and Brian Manzella to weigh in on Johnny Football's swing. Both agreed it is a throwback to the 1970s, more Johnny Miller than Johnny Vegas. Here's more from Riggs and Manzella:

It's very dynamic. He changes direction from the backswing to the downswing like a long drive hitter. There is a great explosion through impact. He is going after it really hard. The swing looks a little raw, but with all these great moving parts. I might want to make tiny adjustments. I wouldn't mess with it very much. He has got all the fun stuff.


He generates all the juice in the world and gets himself in a good position at impact. He really uses the right side of his body and the right arm to throw the club through the ball. It looks like he is throwing a ball sidearm as hard as he can. His wrist looks as arched as Vijay Singh's at post impact.

Here's a sequence of Manziel's swing, courtesy of Brady Riggs, where you can see the arched left wrist: ManzielSwing  
Johnny Football is scheduled to play in Tuesday and Wednesday pro-ams at next week's PGA Tour event, the HP Byron Nelson Championship in Irving, Texas.
Whether or not Manziel's NFL duties keep him away from the course next week remains to be seen. We urge him to get out and play as much as possible. What better way to prepare for the cruel fate that awaits any Cleveland Browns quarterback than slogging your way around a dusty and humid Texas track?
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