Top 100 Teachers Poll: Will Sean Foley be Tiger Woods's coach at the end of 2012?

Top 100 Teachers Poll: Will Sean Foley be Tiger Woods’s coach at the end of 2012?

After Tiger Woods missed the cut at the Wells Fargo Championship, we asked Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers if they thought Tiger would stay with swing coach Sean Foley through the end of the year.
Here's what the Top 100 Teachers said: Top100_seanfoley Comments: "Mr. Foley will be another casualty of the wrath of El Tigre. Next up Moe, Larry and Curly. Curly handles the short game." –Tom Patri, Tom Patri Golf Services, Naples, Fla.
"What they are working on is actually 'stuff.' Tiger will get it going again soon." Mike Adams, Hamilton Farm Golf Club, Gladstone, N.J.
"Tiger has never had a stretch like this and it will lead to their downfall." –Bryan Gathright, Oak Hills Country Club, San Antonio, Texas
"Even for Tiger, golf is like farming, not school. Results come by following a rigorous process and not by cramming. Tiger's current stats, 19th in GIR and 2nd in total driving, are a lot better than his being 167th and 192nd at the end of 2010, and the stats point to his 'crop' being ready to reap before long." –Dom DiJulia, Dom DiJulia School of Golf, New Hope, Pa.
"Sean is dealing with a lot of old issues with Tiger's swing. Give him credit for trying to get Tiger's wrists fractionally cupped and his shaft in better position." –Rick Smith, Treetops Resort, Gaylord, Mich.
"Yes, but may not make it long into 2013." –Krista Dunton, Berkeley Hall, Bluffton, S.C.
"Tiger will give it at least through the Masters 2013 to see if Foley's 'method' can work." –Ed Ibarguen, Duke University Golf Club, Durham, N.C.
"Sean has done his job extremely well. Now it is up to Tiger to get out of his own way." –Bruce Patterson, Butler National Golf Course, Oak Brook, Ill.
"What's working for Hunter Mahan and Justin Rose is not working for Tiger. Tiger needs to make up with Butch and return to getting back to basics. Now, Tiger's mind is way too cluttered to play consistent golf." –Ted Sheftic, Bridges Golf Club, Abbottstown, Pa.
"Woods hasn't fixed the driver, and his distance control with irons is still suspect. The root cause: he's too steep on his downswing." –Kip Puterbaugh, The Aviara Golf Academy, Carlsbad, Calif.
"Yes, but it won't be a good decision unless Foley gets off swing mechanics and starts helping Tiger to play the game." –Keith Lyford, Golf Academy at Old Greenwood, North Lake Tahoe, Calif. "Frustration will cause him to change." –Jim Murphy, Sugar Creek Country Club, Sugar Land, Texas
"Foley is just not getting the job done. It is crazy to think how many wins Woods would have if he had not changed from near the perfection of the 2000 season." –Eric Johnson, Oakmont Country Club, Oakmont, Pa.
"Nothing against Sean, but Tiger is starting to understand that he needs to play his way back to the top. Nobody can think their way through a two-second motion. Golf by the numbers just doesn't work." –Jim Suttie, Cog Hill Golf & Country Club, Lemont, Ill.
"Tiger doesn't need a coach. He needs to start playing golf again, instead of playing golf-swing. I personally do not think the 'move' he is trying to do goes with his body or framework." –Chuck Evans, Gold Canyon Golf Resort, Golf Canyon, Ariz.
"Yes. Who would he go to next?" –Mike Bender, Magnolia Plantation Golf Club, Lake Mary, Fla.
"I suppose. Tiger is pretty stubborn, and Foley says that Woods is only two years away from where he wants him." –Jerry Mowlds, Pumpkin Ridge Golf Course, North Plains, Ore.

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