Poll: Will 2012 be Fowler's breakout year?

Poll: Will 2012 be Fowler’s breakout year?

Shortly after Rickie Fowler's first professional victory in Korea, we polled the Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers in America to get their take on where Fowler's future is headed. Will 2012 be Rickie Fowler’s breakout year on the PGA Tour?  RickiePoll 63.6% Yes36.4% No
“Rickie Fowler is about to explode! Far too much talent to stay contained. He got a taste in Korea and this will jump start great things to come.” – Tom Patri 
“It takes even the best players a year or two to become familiar with the golf courses and the travel but he's ready now.” – TJ Tomasi 
"No, he will get his first win in '12 and move his career forward with further improvement but no huge breakout" – Brian Mogg
“One win is nice but it's going to take more than that to make it a break out year in 2012.” – Jane Frost 
“I believe that Rickie Fowler has the juice to take his game to the next level. In order for him to have a breakout year, though, he needs to drive the ball better. Last year he finished 157th in driving accuracy hitting only 56% of the fairways and only 64% of the greens in regulation, making scoring difficult. It is hard to hit greens from the trees and rough. He has the talent to be a dominant player, a future star on the tour. When he gets his ball striking under control, look for him to win majors.” – Mike Adams
“The win by Rickie in Korea might make one think he is ready to ‘breakout’ but I believe he's still a year away. Love to see him do it as the fans like him, but his missed cut at the McLadrey indicates a bit more time might be necessary.” – Gary Wiren 
“My money is on Tom Lewis who won after 3 events on the European Tour.” – Don Hurter
“Tough to break out much from what Rickie has already done. Might be most popular player on tour. Will he win? Most definitely. The kid is great!” – Jim McLean

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